Dan was one of the ground crew at Mission Control during the Apollo 11 mission. The Tenth Doctor said of this team: "It's Neil and Buzz that land on the Moon and plant the flag and play golf, but without all these wonderful people down here... Without these unsung heroes, none of it [...] will happen." When the Doctor dragged the agents, Spencer and Milledge, into the control room, he pointed out the wasted potential that was caused by the secret service taking over the aborted first contact with an alien species, saying, "Look at these people. Look at every single face here: Justin, Sean, David, Dan, Colin, Jake, Trevor, Barney... Each one of these people whose only motivation is to test the limits of what humanity can achieve. Imagine what could have happened if you had left them to it. If it was one of these men that had received the message once Apollo had landed." He also said, "Who knows, if it had been one of these people", rather than Spencer or Milledge that caught the alien transmission, "first contact might have unified the world." (PROSE: Blue Moon)

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