The Dalmari were the native species of Destination.

After a colony ship of the species who become known as the Citizens of Destination had crashed on their planet, the Dalmari came into conflict with the colonists. Viewing the colonists as invaders, the Dalmari fought a destructive war against them, being defeated in this conflict. Trapped on the planet, the Master provoked an arms race between the Citizens and the Dalmari, covertly supplying them with weapons on par with the Citizens' own.

When the First Doctor arrived on the planet, he tried to open relations between the two races before the Master sparked another war, his server robots killing anyone who attempted a diplomatic resolution. Twelve years afterwards, when the Master had fled in the Doctor's TARDIS, the stranded Doctor revealed the Master's machinations to the planet and spent the next two years overseeing a peaceful co-existence between Citizen and Dalmari. (AUDIO: The Destination Wars)

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