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Dallas Adams (17 February 1947[1]-29 August 1991[2]) played Professor Howard Foster in the Doctor Who television story Planet of Fire. Although uncredited, he also portrayed Kamelion in Howard's form during the story — and, in fact, for the space of a single scene, the Master acting through Kamelion.

He was previously considered for the roles of Scobie, Bilton and Sheard in Time-Flight. (TCH 35)

Daily Star maliciousness[]

According to John Nathan-Turner, Adams had been the first gay palimony case winner in a case that became publicly noted within the newspaper coverage at the time. This became particularly notable in that, on the flight to Lanzarote to join the filming crew for work on Planet of Fire, a reporter from the Daily Star who had dug out the old newspaper coverage of this from the cuttings archives. He recalled that the reporter had menacingly asked him; "How do you feel about casting the first gay palimony case winner in a family programme, and him playing the stepfather of your new companion?" JNT downplayed the matter, focusing on Adams' work as an actor, and would later deal with ensuring The Daily Star were not able to go to print about Adams and other cast-members the reporter had been digging through newspaper cuttings about.[3]

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