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Daleks invade Weston-super-Mare was a parodical Dalek webcast released on social media by BBC Radio Bristol in May 2021 for bank holiday. It was an edited version of a live performance, with an added soundtrack, and focused on a group of four Black Daleks frolicking in Weston-super-Mare. Due to its parodical nature, it is not considered a valid source on this Wiki.

Publisher's summary[]

Even the Daleks like to spend their bank holiday weekend at the seaside!


A group of four Black Daleks visit Weston-super-Mare. They first reflect on enjoying the seaside view, then begin patrolling, chanting that they are supreme. One Black Dalek incurs the anger of a small dog, who begings barking at it until its owner picks the animal up. After rudely cutting through the queue, the Dalek tries to buy cake from a doughnut cart, demanding to either be serve or exterminate the salesman.

Meanwhile, another Black Dalek "terrorises tourists" for a little while before stopping for ice cream. It is served by a mocking waitress who asks sarcastically how it's going to it that. The Black Dalek boasts that its "skills" will prevail, but eventually admits that it has no idea how to hold an ice-cream cone with its manipulator arm.

Together once more, the four Black Daleks reluctantly agree to let tourists take pictures of them, and even selfies with them — even with a dog, albeit a different one.


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