The following is a list of appearances by the Daleks.

This list does not include Davros, the creator of the Daleks, in instances in which he appeared on his own.


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Case File[]

Doctor Who[]

Doctor Who: Lockdown![]



The Monthly Adventures[]

Dalek Empire[]

Dalek Empire I[]

Dalek Empire II: Dalek War[]

Dalek Empire III[]

Dalek Empire IV[]

Doctor Who Unbound[]

The Stageplays[]

The Lost Stories []

Bernice Summerfield []


Series 5[]

Series 6[]

Time War: Volume One[]

Time War: Volume Three[]

Time War: Volume Four[]

I, Davros[]

The Companion Chronicles[]

Series 1[]

The First Doctor: Volume Two[]

The Early Adventures[]

The Third Doctor Adventures[]

The Fourth Doctor Adventures[]

The Eighth Doctor Adventures[]

The Further Adventures of Lucie Miller[]

Dark Eyes[]

Dark Eyes[]

Dark Eyes 2[]

Dark Eyes 4[]

The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield[]

The Eighth Doctor: Time War[]

Volume One[]

Volume Two[]

Volume Three[]

Volume Four[]

The War Doctor[]

Only the Monstrous[]

Infernal Devices[]

Agents of Chaos[]

Casualties of War[]

Forged in Fire[]

The War Master[]

Only the Good[]


Susan's War[]

The Churchill Years []

The New Counter-Measures[]

UNIT: The New Series[]

Class: The Audio Adventures[]

The First Doctor Adventures[]

Out of Time[]

Time Lord Victorious[]


Dalek Universe[]

Dalek Universe 1[]

Dalek Universe 2[]


Video game[]

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Dalek Annual The Dalek Book[]

TV Century 21[]

Dalek AnnualThe Dalek World[]

Dalek AnnualThe Dalek Outer Space Book[]

Dalek Annual — Terry Nation's Dalek Annual 1976[]

Dalek AnnualTerry Nation's Dalek Annual 1977[]

Dalek AnnualTerry Nation's Dalek Annual 1978[]

Doctor Who Magazine[]

Doctor Who Poster Magazine[]

Short Trips: Dalek Empire[]

Doctor Who Files[]

Puffin eshorts[]

The Shakespeare Notebooks[]

Heroes and Monsters []

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Tales of Terror[]

Twelve Angels Weeping[]

Now We Are Six Hundred[]

The Blogs of Doom[]

The Wintertime Paradox[]

Doctor Who Website[]

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Chad Valley[]

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TV Comic[]

Pick of the Jokes[]

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Dalek annual[]

The Dalek Book[]

The Dalek World[]

The Dalek Outer Space Book[]

Terry Nation's Dalek Annual 1976[]

Terry Nation's Dalek Annual 1979[]

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