Daleks: The Secret Invasion was a short story published in Terry Nation's Dalek Special.

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A group of children uncover and help to foil a planned invasion of Earth by the Daleks.

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  • According to Howe's Transcendental Toybox, this story was first published in the London Evening News newspaper.
  • The story would appear to take place in 1973, as the children go to the cinema to see the horror film The Exorcist, but are turned away at the box office because they are too young.
  • It is the first original Doctor Who-related fiction to be published by Target Books and the only fiction written by Terry Nation for the company (as he did not novelise any of his TV stories).
  • The story lampoons the two close 1974 general elections: Emilie explains Edward Heath isn't at the Ministry of Defence briefing as "it's Mr Wilson's turn this month".

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