In an alternative timeline, Dalek juice was a flavourless, potable, black fluid secreted by a Kaled mutant as its flesh was boiled. When a captured Dalek was in the possession of Nigel Rochester, it was tortured frequently. One of the methods used, electrocution of a magnetic floor, would cause the mutant in the casing to boil and secrete a black fluid. The fluid was collected by guards and considered a rare delicacy. However, the amount collected was meager and it took months for the Dalek to recover sufficiently to be boiled again.

In 2003, the Sixth Doctor was given a small cup of this liquid to revive him after a fainting fit. He described the liquid as "rather tasteless". His companion, Evelyn Smythe, found the boiling and collection process obscene.

A marketing variation of this Dalek juice was known as "Dalek ade" or "Dalek squash". However, those drinks were merely ordinary lemonade or squash with an image of a Dalek on the bottle. (AUDIO: Jubilee)

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