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"Dalek films" is a common fan term referring to a series consisting primarily of 2 films featuring Peter Cushing as "Dr. Who", an eccentric human scientist who invents Tardis, as opposed to mainline Doctor Who's "the Doctor", typically depicted as a Time Lord, or at the least, non-human who stole "the TARDIS"; at the time of the films' initial release, the Doctor was typically considered human across all media.

Since release, the films have often fallen into a state of "non-canonicity" in the minds of some fans. However, various later pieces of media have attempted to explain his co-existence with the Doctor in various ways. Additionally, TV Century 21's The Daleks' ending attempted to follow into the second film, Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D..

The films have also received various adaptations, the first being adapted into the comic Dr. Who and the Daleks as well as the short story The Story of the Film, and the second being adapted into the comic Daleks, invasión a la Tierra año 2150. Elements of the series have also been integrated into not only occasional sequel stories but also parody series such as Doctor Who? and The Daft Dimension, both of which are set in parallel universes.

Main films[]

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Dr. Who and the Daleks[]

The first adaptation of Dr. Who and the Daleks, also titled Dr. Who and the Daleks, was published by Dell Publishing in December 1966, and was later reprinted in Doctor Who Classic Comics #9 on 23 June 1993.

The film was later adapted into the short story The Story of the Film in TV Century 21 #28, published by City Magazines on 31 July 1965.

Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.[]

Me llaman Doctor Who

Dr. Who and co. in Daleks, invasión a la Tierra año 2150.

Although no English adaptations exist of Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D., it gained a licensed adaptation in Argentina entitled Daleks, invasión a la Tierra año 2150, published by Editorial Columba in El Tony Extracolor #400 with a cover date of 14 February 1978.

Later appearances[]

In 1996, Doctor Who Magazine published the comic story Daleks Versus the Martians, featuring Dr. Who, Susan and Louise in a prequel to Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D..

Told from an in-universe perspective, the Dalek Survival Guide pointed out that "film evidence" presented alternative versions of the Skaro City Daleks and the Dalek Invasion Force which it identified as being from a version of history "B" relative to the version of history "A" experienced by the First Doctor.

The short story The Five O'Clock Shadow depicted Dr. Who and his granddaughter Susan as fictional creations of the Doctor (designed to be versions of himself and his granddaughter free of all angst and strife) who came to life and ended up departing on their own adventures.

To commemorate the 4K remasters of both Dr. Who theatrical films in 2022, Doctor Who Magazine published the comic story Dr. Who & the Mechonoids, featuring Dr. Who and Susan's encounter with the Mechonoids, who were originally introduced in The Chase, the third televised Dalek story.