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Dalek War: Chapter Two was the second instalment of Dalek Empire II: Dalek War, and the sixth release in the Dalek Empire series overall.

Publisher's summary[]

Two Dalek races are now locked in fearsome combat. The Mentor and her Daleks originate from an alternative universe and have pledged to fight alongside the humans and their allies. But where is the evil Dalek Emperor?

The Dalek Supreme's forces have found Susan Mendes. Will she, Alby, Mirana and Morli be able to escape?

Meanwhile, Kalendorf's forces seem to be winning the war in Earth's Solar System. But the Mentor's suspicions are growing...


As she is aware that they plan to use the remnants of the Dalek Emperor in her mind to resurrect their leader at the orders of the Dalek Supreme, Suz threatens to kill herself to prevent the Enemy Daleks from exterminating Alby, Mirana, Morli and the crew of the scout ship Defiant. The Enemy Daleks forge a bargain with Suz: they will spare the lives of the crew if she agrees not to kill herself.

The Enemy Daleks linked the total mass output of their ships' reactors to create a web of energy between their fleet in their battle against the Earth Alliance and Alliance Daleks fleet in the Sol System in the hope that the resulting explosions. 132 ships in the Alliance fleet, approximately 25% of its total complement, were destroyed in the battle.

The Alliance Daleks established a hospital space station in the Pkowik system and stored the casing of the inert Dalek Emperor at that location. The Enemy Daleks attacked the station, wiping out the Alliance Daleks who acted as doctors as well as all of the patients except for Morli. The Alliance Daleks projected an image of the Dalek Emperor's casing in a holographic imaging chamber aboard the station so as to conduct experimental procedures on it. The Enemy Daleks subsequently returned to the station, capturing Alby and Morli in the process. They tortured Alby in an attempt to discover Suz's location using a brain analysis disc which can read human brainwaves. They were eventually able to download the location of Alby's rendezvous with the Defiant from Drudger's database. Alby believed that the Enemy Daleks lured him to the station using a distress call for the express purpose of capturing him and thereby learning Suz's location.

The Enemy Daleks have terraformed Jupiter, making it habitable for human life. It now has 17 landmasses and vast oceans. This was accomplished through a network of satellites in orbit around the planet.

Dremakin gas is a nerve toxin which is capable of rendering humans unconscious. 57 people aboard the Defiant are so affected whereas the remaining 16, including Suz, Alby, Mirana, Morli and Marber, attempt to make their way to the escape pods. However, Suz, Alby and Morli are captured with the latter two being rendered unconscious by a paralysis beam. Mirana and Marber manage to evade capture and get to an escape pod.

Kalendorf tells the Mentor that the sensors of the Courageous have not detected any signs of life on Jupiter. He believes that the Dalek Supreme ordered that the planet be terraformed so as to create a military base. However, the Mentor believes that it is a trap.

The Mentor has detected the Defiant entering the Sol System. As it has not responded to hails, she has sent a gunship to investigate.

Using a brain analysis disc, the Daleks enable the consciousness of the Dalek Emperor to assert itself, giving it control of Suz's body.



  • Although she is human, Morli has never been to Earth.


  • All of Dalek War is told in retrospect.


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