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Dalek Universe was an audio series released by Big Finish Productions beginning in 2021. It was described by Senior Producer David Richardson as the "first full season of Doctor Who adventures starring David Tennant as the Doctor in over ten years". The series comprised three three-story anthologies and, as a prequel, a special Fourth Doctor story.



Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
The Dalek Protocol Nicholas Briggs 4th Leela, K9 Mark I, Anya, Mark Seven, Daleks 13 April 2021

Dalek Universe 1[]

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# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
1.1 Buying Time John Dorney 10th Anya, Mark, the Nun 14 April 2021
1.2 The Wrong Woman
1.3 The House of Kingdom Andrew Smith Anya, Mark, Merrick Kingdom, Mechonoids

Dalek Universe 2[]

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# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
2.1 Cycle of Destruction Roy Gill 10th Anya, Mark, Daleks 14 July 2021
2.2 The Trojan Dalek John Dorney
2.3 The Lost Robert Valentine Anya

Dalek Universe 3[]

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# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
3.1 The First Son Lizzie Hopley 10th Anya, River, Movellans 13 October 2021
3.2 The Dalek Defence Matt Fitton Anya, Daleks, Davros, Movellans
3.3 The Triumph of Davros

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