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You may be looking for the feature from the 2021 Annual.

The Dalek Survival Guide was a reference book published by BBC Books.

Publisher's summary[]

Essential for anyone aware of the looming menace that poses a terrible threat to us all. The Daleks being both highly dangerous and deeply malevolent, preparing oneself against the day of attack is of utmost importance, and the more information one has at one's fingertips, on Dalek behaviour, history, and psychology, as well as their military tactics and known weak points, the better.

This handy, pocket-sized volume is stuffed with survival tips and features sections on: — Anti-Dalek Weaponry — The Dalek Defence Drill (Handy Tips for Survival under Attack) — The Anatomy of a Dalek (Daleks in Cross-Section) — The Dalek War-Machines — The Evolution of the Planet Skaro (history of the Dalek home-planet) — The Dalekreed (guide to the Daleks' belief system) — Dalek Dictionary — Know Your Enemy (Dalek recognition test)

Stories of previous encounters are also included, as examples of how Daleks have been dealt with in the past, illustrating appropriate behaviour and defence strategies. Self-check tests are included following these case studies, ensuring that the reader has absorbed all the relevant tips.

Subject matter[]

A semi-humorous guide exploring how to survive encounters with Daleks and recognising different types of Daleks and portions of their history.

Notable features[]

  • Cross section of a Dalek.
  • Breakdowns of different types of Daleks that have appeared on screen and some that have appeared in the various Dalek annuals.
  • Creation of the Daleks as described in The Dalek Chronicles.
  • Information and details of Skaro and the Thals.
  • A frequently asked questions section (including 'Can the Daleks see red?') and a Glossary section.


  • The guidebook has no writers' credits, supposedly to protect the authors from the Daleks' wrath.
  • Illustrations within book are by Alan Burton. The cover illustration is by Emma Judd.
  • The book is covered in a textured black cover with an embossed Dalek on the front.
  • Amazon.co.uk description:

    Being aware that the Daleks are highly dangerous, preparing oneself against the day of attack is of the utmost importance. This pocket-sized survival guide is stuffed with tips and information on Dalek bahaviour, history, and psychology as well as their military tactics and known weak points.

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