The Dalek Section Leader was the leader of a Dalek taskforce on Spiridon.

Biography[edit | edit source]

It was tasked with overseeing the experiments with invisibility derived from studies of the Spiridons for implementation into future Dalek armies while it was also tasked with the supervision of the 10,000 strong army in suspended animation.

The Dalek Section Leader was also responsible for supervising the experiments with plant destroying bacteria. It had to report to Dalek Supreme Command the setbacks caused by the Third Doctor and the Thal commandos led by Taron.

The Section Leader ordered the release of the bacteria to wipe out all life on Spiridon, but a Spiridon named Wester sabotaged the lab room and released the bacteria to make sure the room could not be unsealed without the other Daleks being killed.

The Section Leader was informed of the Doctor's true identity and noted that he had knowledge that would be of vital importance to the Daleks. It gave immediate orders for the Doctor to be captured for interrogation.

The Dalek Supreme later landed on Spiridon and took over control of all operations on Spiridon. The Supreme destroyed the Section Leader for its incompetence. (TV: Planet of the Daleks)

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