Dalek Inquisitor General was a command title held known to be held by at least one Dalek, who was known as Dalek X, during the Second Dalek War. Subordinate to the Supreme Dalek, Dalek X had a black casing with gold vertical slats and sensor globes.

As Dalek Inquisitor General, Dalek X commanded Primary Intelligence Unit and the first of the Exterminator class flagships. Leading a complement of five hundred Daleks, the Inquisitor General was assisted by ten ranking commanders, two Elite Guard Daleks, and four Assault Daleks. (PROSE: Prisoner of the Daleks)

Behind the scenes Edit


Character Options' Dalek Battlepack toy set

  • Dalek X's voice was similar to the Dalek Emperor in the Prisoner of the Daleks audiobook by Nicholas Briggs.
  • The Dalek Battlepack, first released before the book's publication, includes a Dalek with black casing with gold slats and globes similar to Dalek X.
    • In Dalek Hack, the player has the option to turn a Dalek's casing black with gold livery.
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