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Dalek Exploding In Slow Motion was a webcast created as part of the Doctor Who Festival. It was released exclusively to the official Doctor Who YouTube channel in 2015.

A showcase of Real SFX's talents (which was the focus of the festival), this webcast of their creation featured one of the few on-screen uses of the red New Dalek Paradigm Drone Dalek after its debut in Victory of the Daleks and slight redesign in Asylum of the Daleks, over five years prior. By all appearances, a real Dalek prop was destroyed in the making of this webcast.

As it was more of a demonstration of a specific effect than a fully-fledged narrative in the Doctor Who universe (with a "Real SFX" sign visible in the background behind the Dalek), this webcast is not considered a valid source on this wiki.

Crew[edit | edit source]

Story notes[edit | edit source]

  • What force, if any, caused the Dalek to explode is not revealed within the webcast.
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