Dalek Executioners were a new variant form of Dalek introduced at the Emperor of the Restoration's behest to his Restoration Empire following the end of the Imperial-Renegade Dalek Civil War.

They were the new designation of the Daleks who had previously driven Special Weapons Dalek casings, which they were ordered to swap out for black casings more similar to classic Dalek travel machines, albeit with unique manipulator arms and colour schemes. (PROSE: The Restoration Empire) These new casings were immune to the blast of a gunstick. (AUDIO: Mutually Assured Destruction) One Executioner was assigned to the Dalek Time Squad. (PROSE: The Guide to the Dark Times)

Physical appearance[]

The Dalek Executioner's unique manipulator arm. (PROSEThe Guide to the Dark Times)

The Executioner's casing was a unique Dalek variant: it had the broad design of a Bronze Dalek but had a dark, gunmetal-grey base unit combined with a black dome and slats. Its black sense globes were ringed with crimson its eyestalk's lens likewise glowed red, while its luminosity dischargers were yellowish. Instead of the familiar suction cup, its manipulator arm ended in a three-fingered "claw", each "finger" resembling the blade of a scythe, (PROSE: The Guide to the Dark Times) and was tipped with a retractable Varga thorn. (PROSE: The Restoration Empire)


An Executioner, who River Song described as "exceptionally cruel", (PROSE: The Guide to the Dark Times) oversaw the extermination of the population of Islos during the invasion to seize the Archive. After the Archivians unleashed an Entity from outside of space and time, giving it the Daleks. The Entity emerged from portal in front of the Daleks (WC: The Archive of Islos) the Executioner oversaw the Daleks' attempt to defend Skaro but reported their weaponry was ineffective, forcing the Emperor to order an evacuation. When a dormant army awoken by the Strategist to be reinforcements was compromised by the Entity, the Executioner led Dalek forces against them. (WC: The Sentinel of the Fifth Galaxy)