Dalek Empire III was the third series of Dalek Empire.

Overview[edit | edit source]

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The stories were released from May to October 2004.

Cast[edit | edit source]


Stories[edit | edit source]

# Title Author Director Featuring Released Pr. code
3.1 The Exterminators Nicholas Briggs Nicholas Briggs Frey, Kaymee, Culver, Susan May 2004 BFPCDDE09
3.2 The Healers June 2004 BFPCDDE10
3.3 The Survivors Frey, Kaymee, Culver, Amur Tarkov, Susan July 2004 BFPCDDE11
3.4 The Demons Amur, Frey, Culver, Susan August 2004 BFPCDDE12
3.5 The Warriors Frey, Kaymee, Culver, Elaria, Susan September 2004 BFPCDDE13
3.6 The Future Frey, Kaymee, Hardew, Culver, Elaria, Susan October 2004 BFPCDDE14

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This series debuted unique opening and closing arrangements of the Dalek Empire theme. It was only used in this series.

Production[edit | edit source]

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