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Dalek Break-out was a Flash-based videogame that debuted on the BBC Doctor Who website as part of the 2007 Adventure Calendar.


Help a Dalek escape by blowing up its output and avoid it exploding himself.


There are over twenty levels. In the timed version of the game, you can lose time when the barrel becomes unstable; however, such a condition appears more random than anything else. At 9, the backdrop changes from blue to red, and the scenery changes again later in the game.

End of the game[]

After finishing the game successfully the following message appears:

"You got out just in time! The underground bunker was destroyed along with everything inside it!"

The Dalek says:

"We are the superior beings. You are an enemy of the Daleks," and a picture of the television story Voyage of the Damned is shown.


Move the Dalek using the arrow keys, move the barrels one by one using the same keys, the aim is to store them on the plates for this purpose. It is possible to repeat the same level as many times as you wish, to choose either a game with or without a timer, to stop the game or ask for help (the game stops and keys direction displayed).

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