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A Dalek drone of the Restoration Empire was the instigator of the bootstrap paradox of the Empire's involvement in the Kotturuh crisis. The drone was in operation on Skaro when the Emperor of the Restoration received a message from the drone's future self, prompting the Emperor to put the drone on the Dalek Time Squad.

After going to the Dark Times, the Dalek drone was left broken and drifting through space for many millennia, where it eventually partially repaired itself through sheer determination. Thinking itself the last survivor, it transmitted a warning to the universe about the Tenth Doctor; the very same message that made the Emperor send the Time Squad back to the Dark Times. (PROSE: The Last Message)

Brooke found it in the Oort cloud, and decided to use him for its own end. It got Brooke to create a Machine to first create a new gun and to create new Daleks. It was frozen in ice, but eventually escaped when it learnt that the Fourth Doctor knew of his presence. It used the humans in cryogenic suspension to create a new batch of Dalek Mutants. It told the Doctor about its previous encounters with the Eighth Doctor when he destroyed the Dalek Time Squad's saucer and of the Tenth Doctor being the Time Lord Victorious. The Doctor tried to defeat it using an EMP but it didn't work fully as this Dalek survived and started to repair its systems. (AUDIO: Genetics of the Daleks)

Behind the scenes[]

In invalid sources[]

Owing to its being a major player in the Time Lord Victorious, some installments of which were in formats not recognised as valid sources by this Wiki, parts of this Dalek's biography were related in these invalid sources, starting with the Time Lord Victorious webcast trailer.

The Dalek in A Dalek Awakens.

The Dalek attempted to broadcast its warning about the Doctor using the hollow planet TG-88.3Ω. (NOTVALID: The Hollow Planet)

The derelict Dalek. (NOTVALID: Genetics of the Daleks)

Damaged and rusted, the Dalek stalked the corners of a derelict starship, and attacked an unseen enemy. (NOTVALID: Genetics of the Daleks) When it was broken and trying to repair itself, the Dalek was locked inside a cage in a corner of a spaceship about to explode. Its job was to stop anyone attempting to save the spaceship. It had a golden-glowing eyestalk lens rather than the regular blue vision of other Daleks. (NOTVALID: A Dalek Awakens)