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A reconnaissance scout Dalek was one of the first Daleks to leave Skaro. It was sent to Earth in the 9th century to gather data in advance of an invasion. Defeated by humans, the trisected Dalek mutant was buried in three parts, and came to be revived in the 21st century.

History Edit

Arrival on Earth Edit

According to the Thirteenth Doctor, reconnaissance scouts Daleks were the first Daleks ever to leave Skaro, and this individual may have been the first to reach Earth

Arriving on Earth in the 9th century, the Dalek was faced in the Battle of Hope Valley by an army made up of humans who had previously been at war with each other. Despite suffering tremendous losses, the army managed to "only just" defeat the Dalek, trapping it in netting and burning its casing. Practising caution, the Three Custodians split the mutant into three parts, each taken to different parts of the planet, and guarded by their descendants, so it might not recover. However, the third Custodian was shot by an arrow in Yorkshire, before he could complete his journey. (TV: Resolution)

Recon scout defeated

The recon scout is defeated in the 9th century. (TV: Resolution)

Restoration Edit

Buried by the passage of time, the Lost Custodian was eventually found beneath Sheffield Town Hall and the location became an archeological dig. On New Year's Day 2019, the Lost Custodian's piece of the Kaled mutant was found by archaeologists Lin and Mitch.

The third piece of the Kaled was accidentally revived under ultraviolet light, and summoned its other parts. The Dalek subsequently took control of Lin, one of the archaeologists, and used her to gain intelligence, acquire transport, and retrieve its old gunstick. Using remnants of its old shell, combined with spare parts found at Dinkle's farm, Lin built this Dalek a new metal casing.

Letting Lin go, the Dalek went on a rampage. It killed an entire army detachment, and fired a missile into their tank, destroying it. The Dalek was intent on contacting its fleet, and made its way to the Government Communications Headquarters in order to enact its plan. It shut down all power in the UK in the process.

The Dalek was finally stopped by the Thirteenth Doctor, Graham O'Brien, Yasmin Khan, Ryan Sinclair, Mitch, Lin and Aaron using a microwave oven which melted its new casing. However, the Kaled latched onto Aaron, and demanded transport in the Doctor's TARDIS. The Dalek was finally thwarted when the Thirteenth Doctor jettisoned it into a supernova. The Dalek attempted to take Aaron with it, but Ryan managed to reach his father who fought off the Dalek's control while his son pulled him to safety. (TV: Resolution)

Legacy Edit

Khan later recorded a case file on the recon scout(WC: Case File Eleven) and, at some point after learning about the Cybermen from Captain Jack Harkness, (TV: Fugitive of the Judoon) mentioned their encounter with the Dalek to Ace, a former companion of the Seventh Doctor. (PROSE: At Childhood's End)

The image of this Dalek was among the wealth of memories which the Thirteenth Doctor, while trapped by the Master, used to overwhelm and break free from the Matrix in the ruins of the Capitol on Gallifrey. (TV: The Timeless Children)

Appearance Edit

Reconnaissance Dalek

The mutant inside. (TV: Resolution)

The Kaled mutant itself had green skin, except for a small part of the brain visible (distinguished as being red), and was much larger than the average Kaled mutant. It also appeared to have more tentacles that were longer, and it appeared much more squid-like.

The Dalek casing that it originally inhabited was one made of bronze and identical to the Time War-era casing, despite its type being from the earliest days of Skaro.

The reconstructed Dalek casing that it made for itself while possessing Lin, was made from scraps and spare parts found lying around. The final result proved to be a rusty war machine that the Thirteenth Doctor dubbed "junkyard chic". The base unit appeared like any other casing except for the two front rows of sense globes, and two at the backside, which were larger than the rest, while all of them could be pulled back to reveal extremely explosive missiles. The weapons platform appeared grey-metallic and looked like it was stuck on by screws, the gunstick was a pipe and seemed more powerful while the manipulator arm was a "claw" instead of a sucker arm. The grating section was surrounded by circular junk-neck ring with the neck grille lighting up in red when it speaks. The dome was slightly diffrent from normal Daleks' domes with dust and rust covering it, and the eyestalk was slightly different from the general eyestalk while the vision-field while appearing blue from the outside did not alter the vision colour for the Kaled. The luminosity dischargers appered covered by small metallic pieces. (TV: Resolution)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • According to Darren Fereday, the concept artist, the Dalek was fully robotic and thus radio-operated, requiring no Dalek operator inside the casing. Three separate systems controlled the eyestalk, the gunstick and manipulator arm, and the lights. He also noted that the melted Dalek made use of practical LED lighting.[1]
  • Nicholas Briggs revealed that he wanted to make this particular Dalek super arrogant and that he wanted it to sound as little as possible like the regular Daleks as it is sitting on Lin's back as it is speaking within its mind.[2]
  • To keep the Dalek a secret in the episode, it was given the codename "Kevin".[3]

Footnotes Edit

  1. @DarrenFereday (1 January 2019). Tweet. Retrieved on 2 January 2019. “Robotics controlling the three layers independently, the eye stalk, arms, the lights. Between the Art Dept and the Prop Makers, this was tight work. True super team. And staggering that the melted one was all practical LED lighting 🤩”
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