Dai was the first Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to serve after the military dictatorship led by the Director was overthrown in December 2046.

As a revolutionary, Dai and Clive were the first to encounter Agents Twenty One and Tina Palamac of the Universal Secret Service after they had completed their four-mile swim to the Welsh coast. Dai was briefly sceptical of their motives but soon became their allies after Twenty One used his deadly toys to save them from an approaching unit of the Director's goons. Dai and Clive remained in Wales while Twenty One and Tina presssed on to London with word of a scheduled offensive on the Director's palace eventually reaching them. As a result of this planning, when Twenty One used a toy aircraft loaded with atomic bombs to destroy the palace, Dai and the other revolutionaries were present in the city to crush any further resistance.

In February 2047, Dai was with Twenty One and Tina in the World Senate when the World President Nikita Bandranaik formally welcomed Great Britain to the World Government. (COMIC: Down With The Director)

Now prime minister, Dai was alerted by Clive when Tatiana Bianca arrested Twenty One on British soil after he resigned from the USS to hunt down Tina's murderers. Proclaiming that they owed him "everything" and stating that he did not care about the reason for the arrest, Dai immediately ordered that his private car and four plain clothes men be summoned to escort Twenty One to the British Navy submarine B11 which would then take him to Bereznik. He explained the plan to Twenty One during the journey who detailed his motives to Dai in return. Dai was initially surprised, thinking Twenty One too professional to seek revenge, but assured him that he understood. (COMIC: The Bitter Cold Dish)

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