Daglan Straklant was an officer in the Fifth Axis security elite. He was tasked to get Bernice Summerfield to work for the Axis to find the Doomsday Manuscript. In order to gain access to the Braxiatel Collection he murdered Josiah Vanderbilt, and used his invitation to the opening of the Collection. He planted Gorem's half of the manuscript in the department of archaeology, murdering Dale Pettit on the way, to get Benny on board. He asked Irving Braxiatel to finance this mission.

After they visited Milo Yendipp to find the other half of the manuscript, he murdered him for the sheer fun of it, as he was related to the people of Frastus Minima, the planet where he ordered the genocide of its population. He then visited the house of Munroe Hennessey and obtained the other half of the manuscript, whilst being chased by the holovid cameras making a film about their visit. He then tried to kill Munroe. On the trip to Kasagrad, where the tomb the manuscript described was, their ship was attacked, and Benny thought that he had died.

In fact, he made it to the planet, and after a while made to where the tomb was hidden, in order to use the vents to gain access to the citadel so that he could shut off the defence barriers around Kasagrad. In opening the tomb doors, he was knocked unconscious by a blast from a nuclear core explosion. This allowed him to be fooled by Benny and Braxiatel into giving the locals the codes that would give them access to the Fifth Axis' communications network. When he was found by Major Raul Kendrick he was labelled a traitor and arrested. (PROSE: The Doomsday Manuscript)

He was then imprisoned in the Glass Prison, where he was tortured. He watched Benny's actions when she later was imprisoned there whoch made her paranoid. He wanted to kill Peter Summerfield so the actions of Benny. He was later killed when the Glass Prison was destroyed. (PROSE: The Glass Prison)

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