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A number of original illustrations have been included in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine, most of which accompanied a specific article.

Illustrated previews[]

Main article: DWM illustrated previews

From 2001 to 2010, Doctor Who Magazine featured illustrations that previewed forthcoming Big Finish, Eighth Doctor Adventures, Past Doctor Adventures stories.

Review articles[]

Roger Langridge (2001-2006), Ben Willsher (2006-2016), and Jamie Lenman (2017-present) provided illustrations for review articles.

Other illustrations[]


Title Image Subject/Story(s) Artist Issue
N/A DWM 5 Beyond the Sun The Edge of Destruction N/A DWM 5
Untitled DWW 5 Competition Fourth Doctor, Cyberman, Draconian, Ice Warrior, The TARDIS N/A DWM 5


Title Image Subject/Story(s) Artist Issue
N/A Third Doctor Illustration in DWM 122 Third Doctor Philip Cottrell DWM 122
N/A Winning Designs Illustrates Winning Designs's Brian Blessed Doctor and John Hurt Master N/A DWM 131


Title Image Subject/Story(s) Artist Issue
N/A DWM 167 Timewyrm The Timewyrm, Ace, and the Seventh Doctor RA DWM 167
N/A DWM 181 The Chameleon Factor promo Split image of the Seventh Doctor and Second Doctor Lee Sullivan DWM 181
A Merry Christmas to All Our Readers From Doctor Who Magazine Dwm182 Christmas Caricatures Andy Lambert DWM 182
Dalek — Cyber War DWM 182 Daleks Cybermen Lee A Dalek and Cybermen war Lee Sullivan DWM 182
N/A Phil Bevan TARDIS 226 Concept art for the TARDIS control room, including the Infinity Chamber Phil Bevan DWM 226
N/A Dear bernice Bernice Summerfield DWM 245
The Last of the Daleks What if? DWM 255 Richard Griffiths Doctor, Kate Tollinger, and Daleks Phil Bevan DWM 255
N/A DWM 255 Mike Tucker Cyberman Cyberman design for Illegal Alien Mike Tucker DWM 255
N/A DWM 257 Dalek Phil Bevan Dalek design Phil Bevan DWM 257
N/A DWM 265 Richard Griffiths Doctor Richard Griffiths Doctor and the TARDIS Phil Bevan DWM 265
Untitled Love war DWM Promo Bernice Summerfield Lee Sullivan DWM 267
N/A DWM 269 K9 concept art Concept art for a K9 TV series Rory McLeish DWM 269
N/A DWM 272 With a little help from my friends Sam Jones, Fitz Kreiner, Izzy Sinclair, Eighth Doctor, Fey Truscott-Sade, Ssard, and Stacy Townsend Lee Sullivan DWM 272
N/A Sam Jones DWM 272 Sam Jones Colin Howard DWM 272
The Usual Suspects? DWM 277 The Usual Suspects Virgin Missing Adventures Lee Sullivan DWM 277
N/A DWM 279 We're gonna be bigger than Star Wars! LEGO Fourth Doctor, Cyberman, Ace, Seventh Doctor, Tremas Master, and Seventh Doctor Chris and Kevin Gregory DWM 279
N/A DWM 282 Live and Let Die Eighth Doctor, Justine and Manjuele Nick Spender DWM 282


Title Image Subject/Story(s) Artist Issue
Gallifreyan panorama DWM 297 Gallifreyan panorama Outsiders, the Tomb of Rassilon, the Citadel, the Edifice House of Lungbarrow, and the Hermit (PROSE: Gallifrey: A Rough Guide) Robin Smith DWM 297
Gallifreyan panorama DWM 299 Gallifreyan panorama The Pythia, Rassilon, Omega, Bowships, and Great Vampires (PROSE: Gallifrey: A Rough Guide) Robin Smith DWM 299
N/A DWM 305 Lungbarrow 1 The unproduced TV story Lungbarrow Daryl Joyce DWM 305
N/A Process by harnois75-d42rgdr Cat's Cradle Daryl Joyce DWM 305
N/A Shrine Platt Shrine Daryl Joyce DWM 306
N/A Dalek empire Dalek Empire Lee Sullivan DWM 307
N/A DWM 311 Dust Breeding Dust Breeding Daryl Joyce DWM 311
N/A DWM 310 Swap Shop Warriors of the Deep Warriors of the Deep with the Second Doctor Daryl Joyce DWM 310
N/A DWM 310 Swap Shop K9 1965 The Invisible Enemy with the First Doctor Daryl Joyce DWM 310
N/A DWM 310 Swap Shop Spearhead from Space Spearhead from Space with the Eighth Doctor Daryl Joyce DWM 311
N/A DWM 315 Dr. Who and the Demons poster Mock poster for "Dr. Who and the Demons" (The Dæmons) Daryl Joyce DWM 315
N/A DWM 318 Robert Jezek and Frobisher Robert Jezek and Frobisher Chris Gregory DWM 318
N/A DWM 318 Malt Penguine Robert Jezek, Frobisher, and Colin Baker Chris Gregory DWM 318
N/A DWM 324 Surprise Party! Bernice Summerfield Lee Sullivan DWM 324
N/A DWM 25th anniversary Andy Lambert (DWM 350) The Eighth Doctor surrounded by villains Andy Lambert DWM 350
The Eighth Doctors The Eighth Doctors Father Time, Big Finish audios, The TV Movie, DWM comic strip, Zagreus, The Ancestor Cell, The Flood, and The Infinity Doctors Martin Geraghty DWM 354
N/A DW meets SCRATCHMAN Illustration of Doctor Who Meets Scratchman Brian Williamson DWM 379
N/A DWM 387 Brave New Worlds The Fifth Doctor, Sixth Doctor (wearing his blue coat), Seventh Doctor, and Eighth Doctor Stuart Manning DWM 387
N/A EDAs Series 2 Anthony Dry Eighth Doctor Adventures:
Series 2
Anthony Dry DWM 401
N/A DWM 406 The Daleks are back! The unproduced TV story The Destroyers in the style of a Frank Bellamy Radio Times cover Brian Williamson DWM 406
N/A DaleksTheDestroyers The unproduced TV story The Destroyers Brian Williamson DWM 406
N/A DWM 410 Money, Money, Money! Sabalom Glitz, Sil, Klineman Halpen, Ood Sigma, Scaroth, Morgus, and a Slitheen Mike Collins, David A. Roach, and Bethan Sayer DWM 410
N/A DWM 415 The Lost Stories Preview Illustration of The Lost Stories Andy Walker DWM 415


Title Image Subject/Story(s) Artist Issue
N/A Gallifrey iv williamson Illustration of Gallifrey IV Brian Williamson DWM 432
N/A DWM 500 Doctor Who 2001 Derek Jacobi as the Doctor to illustrate a Doctor Who pitch in 2001 Graham Kibble-White DWM 500
N/A Gavin Rymill CG TARDIS interior DWM 532 Illustration of the Virgin New Adventures TARDIS control room Gavin Rymill DWM 532

DWM Special Edtion[]

Image Subject/Story(s) Artist Issue
Fathers and Brothers Fathers and Brothers Daryl Joyce DWMSE 5
Daryl Joyce Spider Daleks Hypothetical David Warner Doctor and Spider Daleks Daryl Joyce DWMSE 5

50 Years[]

Image Subject/Story(s) Artist Issue
DWM 50 Years The Daleks The Survivors The Survivors, a draft for The Daleks Lee Sullivan DW50Y 1