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Illustrated previews for upcoming Big Finish Productions, Eighth Doctor Adventures, and Past Doctor Adventures stories were published in Doctor Who Magazine from 2000 to 2010. DWM resumed publishing illustrations for current Big Finish releases in 2017.

These previews started as short comics in 2000 but shifted to illustrations without dialogue in 2008. Artist Lee Sullivan posted textless versions of his previews on his website. [1]

Between DWM 288 and DWM 416, no illustrated preview appeared in DWM 297, 309, 318-319, 330-331, 337, and 352-364.

Big Finish Edit

Main Range Edit

Image Story Artist Issue
Fearmonger DWM The Fearmonger Lee Sullivan DWM 288
The Marian Conspiracy DWM 289 The Marian Conspiracy Lee Sullivan DWM 289
Lee Sullivan BF 7 3Genocide Machine The Genocide Machine Lee Sullivan DWM 290
8 red dawn Red Dawn Lee Sullivan DWM 291
Lee Sullivan BF 6 6 Spectre of Lanyor Moor The Spectre of Lanyon Moor Lee Sullivan DWM 292
Lee Sullivan BF 5 1 Winter for the Adept Winter for the Adept Lee Sullivan DWM 293
Lee Sullivan BF 6 5 Apocalypse Element The Apocalypse Element Lee Sullivan DWM 294
The Fires of Vulcan DWM 295 The Fires of Vulcan Lee Sullivan DWM 295
The Shadow of the Scourge DWM 296 The Shadow of the Scourge Lee Sullivan DWM 296
The Holy Terror DWM 298 The Holy Terror Lee Sullivan DWM 298
The Mutant Phase DWM 299 The Mutant Phase Lee Sullivan DWM 299
Storm Warning comic preview Storm Warning Lee Sullivan DWM 300
Sword of Orion comic preview Sword of Orion Lee Sullivan DWM 301
Thestonesofvenice The Stones of Venice Lee Sullivan DWM 302
Lee Sullivan BF 8 4 Minuet in Hell Minuet in Hell Lee Sullivan DWM 303
Lee Sullivan BF 5 4 Loups Garoux Loups-Garoux Lee Sullivan DWM 304
Lee Sullivan BF 6 3 Bloodtide Bloodtide Lee Sullivan DWM 305
Doctor-Who-Magazine-306dust.jpg Dust Breeding Lee Sullivan DWM 306
Lee Sullivan BF 6 1 Project Twilight Project: Twilight Lee Sullivan DWM 307
Lee Sullivan BF 5 3 Eye of the Scorpion The Eye of the Scorpion Lee Sullivan DWM 308
25 Colditz Colditz Lee Sullivan DWM 310
Lee Sullivan BF 5 5 Primeval Primeval Lee Sullivan DWM 311
Dwm312 theonedoctor The One Doctor Lee Sullivan DWM 312
DWM 313 INVADERS Invaders from Mars Martin Geraghty DWM 313
Doctor Who Magazine 314 chimes of midnight The Chimes of Midnight Martin Geraghty DWM 314
Seasons of Fear Comic Preview Seasons of Fear Martin Geraghty DWM 315
DWM-316 EMBRACE Embrace the Darkness Martin Geraghty DWM 316
Doctor Who Magazine 317 timeofthedaleks The Time of the Daleks Martin Geraghty DWM 317
SPARE PARTS Spare Parts Martin Geraghty DWM 320
DWM-321 ISH ...ish Martin Geraghty DWM 321
The Rapture Comic Preview The Rapture Martin Geraghty DWM 322
Doctor Who Magazine 323 sandman The Sandman Martin Geraghty DWM 323
DWM illistration The Church and the Crown The Church and the Crown Martin Geraghty DWM 324
DWM 325 BANG Bang-Bang-a-Boom! Martin Geraghty DWM 325
DWM 326 jubilee Jubilee Martin Geraghty DWM 326
Nekromanteia Preview Comic Nekromanteia Martin Geraghty DWM 327
DWM 328 DARKFLAME The Dark Flame Martin Geraghty DWM 328
DW AND THE PIRATES Doctor Who and the Pirates Martin Geraghty DWM 329
LAZARUS Project: Lazarus Martin Geraghty DWM 332
Dwm333 flipflop Flip-Flop Martin Geraghty DWM 333
Davros Comic Preview Davros Martin Geraghty DWM 335
Master Comic Preview Master Martin Geraghty DWM 336
Scherzo Comic Preview Scherzo Martin Geraghty DWM 338
Dwm 339 creed The Creed of the Kromon Martin Geraghty DWM 339
The Natural History of Fear comic preview The Natural History of Fear Martin Geraghty DWM 340
BFA-DW x055 - The Twilight Kingdom - Comic Preview The Twilight Kingdom Martin Geraghty DWM 341
Axis of Insanity Preview The Axis of Insanity Martin Geraghty DWM 342
Arrangementspreview Arrangements for War Martin Geraghty DWM 343
Theharvestpreview The Harvest Martin Geraghty DWM 344
Roofoftheworldpreview The Roof of the World Martin Geraghty DWM 346
Medicinal Purposes comic preview Medicinal Purposes Daryl Joyce DWM 347
Faithstealerpreview Faith Stealer Martin Geraghty DWM 348
Thelastpreview The Last Martin Geraghty DWM 349
Caerdroiapreview Caerdroia Mike Collins DWM 350
Thenextlifepreview The Next Life Mike Collins DWM 351
Pier Pressure DWM preview Pier Pressure Martin Geraghty DWM 365
Night Thoughts comic preview Night Thoughts Martin Geraghty DWM 366
Time Works comic preview Time Works Martin Geraghty DWM 367
The Kingmaker comic preview The Kingmaker Martin Geraghty DWM 368
The Settling comic preview The Settling Martin Geraghty DWM 369
Something Inside comic preview Something Inside Martin Geraghty DWM 370
The Nowhere Place comic preview The Nowhere Place Martin Geraghty DWM 371
Red comic preview Red Martin Geraghty DWM 372
The Reaping comic preview The Reaping Martin Geraghty DWM 373
The Gathering comic preview The Gathering Martin Geraghty DWM 374
Memory Lane comic preview Memory Lane Martin Geraghty DWM 375
No Man's Land comic preview No Man's Land Martin Geraghty DWM 376
Year of the Pig comic preview Year of the Pig Martin Geraghty DWM 377
Circular Time comic preview Circular Time Martin Geraghty DWM 378
Nocturne comic preview Nocturne Martin Geraghty DWM 379
Renaissance of the Daleks Renaissance of the Daleks Martin Geraghty DWM 380
I.D. preview I.D. Martin Geraghty DWM 381
DWM 95 Exo Exotron Martin Geraghty DWM 382
Valhalla DWM 383 Valhalla Martin Geraghty DWM 383
DWM 97 Wishing The Wishing Beast Martin Geraghty DWM 384
Frozen Time DWM 385 Frozen Time Martin Geraghty DWM 385
DWM 99 Dragon Son of the Dragon Martin Geraghty DWM 386
100 comic preview 100 Martin Geraghty DWM 387
Absolution comic preview Absolution Cliff Robinson DWM 388
The Mind's Eye comic preview The Mind's Eye Cliff Robinson DWM 389
The Girl Who Never Was comic preview The Girl Who Never Was Anthony Dry DWM 390
The Bride of Peladon comic preview The Bride of Peladon Cliff Robinson DWM 391
Dwcon1 The Condemned Anthony Dry DWM 392
BFA-DW x106 - The Dark Husband - Comic Preview The Dark Husband Anthony Dry DWM 393
Dwm394the haunting The Haunting of Thomas Brewster Brian Williamson DWM 394
Assassin In The Limelight Preview Comic Assassin in the Limelight Anthony Dry DWM 395
The Death Collectors DWM 396 The Death Collectors Cliff Robinson DWM 396
The Boy That Time Forgot DWM 397 The Boy That Time Forgot Anthony Dry DWM 397
Doomwoodillustration The Doomwood Curse Brian Williamson DWM 398
DWM 112 kingdom Kingdom of Silver Anthony Dry DWM 399
DWM 113 Time Reef Time Reef Rob Davis DWM 400
Brotherhoodwilliamson Brotherhood of the Daleks Brian Williamson DWM 401
DWM115 45 Forty-Five Anthony Dry DWM 402
Raincloud Man Preview The Raincloud Man Rob Davis DWM 403
Dwm404iskaar The Judgement of Isskar Brian Williamson DWM 404
Dwm405destroyer The Destroyer of Delights Brian Williamson DWM 405
Dwm406chaos The Chaos Pool Brian Williamson DWM 406
The Magic MouseTrap Preview Comic The Magic Mousetrap Rob Davis DWM 407
Enemy Of The Daleks Preview Comic Enemy of the Daleks Rob Davis DWM 408
The Angel of Scutari Preview Comic The Angel of Scutari Rob Davis DWM 409
Company of Friends art Mary's Story Brian Williamson DWM 410
Patient Zero DWM Patient Zero Brian Williamson DWM 411
Paper Cuts preview Paper Cuts Brian Williamson DWM 412
BlueForgottenPlanet Preview Blue Forgotten Planet Brian Williamson DWM 413
Castle of Fear preview Castle of Fear Brian Williamson DWM 414
The Eternal Summer preview The Eternal Summer Brian Williamson DWM 415
Plague of the Daleks preview Plague of the Daleks Brian Williamson DWM 416

Other releases Edit

Image Story Artist Issue
EDAs Series 2 Anthony Dry Eighth Doctor Adventures:
Series 2
Anthony Dry DWM 401
The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 2 (DWM 508 illustration) The Third Doctor Adventures:
Volume 2
Jamie Lenman DWM 508
Cold Fusion (DWM 509 illustration) Cold Fusion and Original Sin Jamie Lenman DWM 509
DORS S2 (DWM 510) The Diary of River Song:
Series Two
Jamie Lenman DWM 510
Casualties of War (DWM 511) Casualties of War Jamie Lenman DWM 511
Doom Coalition 4 (DWM 512) Doom Coalition 4 Jamie Lenman DWM 512
The Helm of Awe (DWM 513) The Helm of Awe Jamie Lenman DWM 513
The Ninth Doctor Chronicles (DWM 514) The Ninth Doctor Chronicles Jamie Lenman DWM 514
Classic Doctors, New Monsters 2 (DWM 516) Classic Doctors, New Monsters:
Volume Two
Jamie Lenman DWM 516
Rose Tyler The Dimension Cannon (DWM 543) Rose Tyler:
The Dimension Cannon
Jamie Lenman DWM 543
The Crumbling Magician (DWM 544) The Crumbling Magician Jamie Lenman DWM 544

Eight Doctor Adventures Edit

Image Story Artist Issue
Time Zero Preview Time Zero David A Roach DWM 321
Infinity Race Preview The Infinity Race Mike Collins DWM 324
Domino Effect Preview The Domino Effect Mike Collins DWM 326
Reckless Engineering Preview Reckless Engineering Mike Collins DWM 329
Timeless Preview Timeless Mike Collins DWM 333
Emotional Chemistry Preview Emotional Chemistry Mike Collins DWM 336
Sometime Never Preview Sometime Never... Mike Collins DWM 338
Halflife Preview Halflife Mike Collins DWM 341
Tomorrow Windows Comic Preview The Tomorrow Windows Mike Collins DWM 344
Sleep of Reason Preview The Sleep of Reason Mike Collins DWM 346
Deadstone Memorial Preview The Deadstone Memorial Trevor Baxendale DWM 348

Past Doctor Adventures Edit

Image Story Artist Issue
Heritage Preview Heritage David A Roach DWM 322
Fear of the Dark Preview Fear of the Dark Mike Collins DWM 325
Dwm332 colonyoflies mike colllins The Colony of Lies Mike Collins DWM 332
Wolfsbane Preview Wolfsbane Mike Collins DWM 334
Empire of Death comic preview Empire of Death Mike Collins DWM 340
DWM 343 11th Tiger The Eleventh Tiger Mike Collins DWM 343
Synthepianspreview Synthespians™ Mike Collins DWM 345
The Algebra of Ice preview comic The Algebra of Ice Martin Geraghty DWM 347
DWM 350 The Indestructible Man The Indestructible Man Martin Geraghty DWM 350

Footnotes Edit

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