Roger Langridge made many original illustrations for reviews in Doctor Who Magazine from 2001 to 2006, with one in 2010.[1]

He was succeded in this role by by Ben Willsher.

Between DWM 300 and DWM 366, no Roger Langridge illustrations appeared in DWM 306, 334, 345, and 350.


Image Story Issue
Spearhead from Space (DWM 300).jpg TV: Spearhead from Space DWM 300
Storm Warning (DWM 302).jpg AUDIO: Storm Warning DWM 302
Rags (DWM 303).jpg PROSE: Rags DWM 303
City of Death (DWM 304).jpg TV: City of Death DWM 304
The Caves of Androzani (DWM 305).jpg TV: The Caves of Androzani DWM 305
DWM 307 THE YEAR OF INTELLIGENT TYGERS.JPG PROSE: The Year of Intelligent Tigers DWM 307
Bloodtide (DWM 308).jpg AUDIO: Bloodtide DWM 308
Destiny of the Daleks (DWM 309).jpg The Davros Collection:
TV: Destiny of the Daleks
DWM 309
The Daleks' Master Plan (DWM 310).jpg TV: The Daleks' Master Plan DWM 310
The Time Monster (DWM 311).jpg The Master Tin:
TV: The Time Monster
DWM 311
Dwm312ADVENTURESOF.jpg PROSE: The Adventuress of Henrietta Street DWM 312
The Tomb of the Cybermen (DWM 313).jpg TV: The Tomb of the Cybermen DWM 313
Underworld (DWM 315).jpg TV: Underworld DWM 315
EXCELIS DAWNS.jpg AUDIO: Excelis Dawns DWM 316
DWM 317 AMORALITY-TALE.jpg PROSE: Amorality Tale DWM 317
The Smugglers (DWM 318).jpg TV: The Smugglers DWM 318
DWM 319 DEATH COMES TO TIME.JPG WC: Death Comes to Time DWM 319
Carnival of Monsters (DWM 320).jpg TV: Carnival of Monsters DWM 320
Neverland (DWM 321).jpg AUDIO: Neverland DWM 321
Spare Parts (DWM 322).jpg AUDIO: Spare Parts DWM 322
The First Doctor Box Set (DWM 323).jpg The First Doctor: Special Edition Box Set:
TV: The Sensorites,
The Time Meddler,
The Gunfighters
DWM 323
DWM 324 REAL TIME.JPG WC: Real Time DWM 324
The Time Lord Collection (DWM 325).jpg The Time Lord Collection:
TV: The War Games,
The Three Doctors,
The Deadly Assassin
DWM 325
The Mutants (DWM 326).jpg TV: The Mutants DWM 326
The Seeds of Death (DWM 327).jpg TV: The Seeds of Death DWM 327
Meglos (DWM 328).jpg TV: Meglos DWM 328
The Talons of Weng-Chiang (DWM 329).jpg TV: The Talons of Weng-Chiang DWM 329
DWM330 BLUEBOX.jpg PROSE: Blue Box DWM 330
The Dalek Invasion of Earth (DWM 331).jpg TV: The Dalek Invasion of Earth DWM 331
Dwm 332 pirates.jpg AUDIO: Doctor Who and the Pirates DWM 332
Earthshock (DWM 333).jpg TV: Earthshock DWM 333
Shada (DWM 335).jpg WC: Shada DWM 335
The Curse of Fenric (DWM 336).jpg TV: The Curse of Fenric DWM 336
The Reign of Terror (DWM 337).jpg TV: The Reign of Terror DWM 337
Dwm338 davros.jpg AUDIO: Davros DWM 338
The Visitation (DWM 339).jpg TV: The Visitation DWM 339
DWM Zagreus preview art-2.jpg AUDIO: Zagreus DWM 340
Pyramids of Mars (DWM 341).jpg TV: Pyramids of Mars DWM 341
Companion Piece (DWM 342).jpg PROSE: Companion Piece DWM 342
The Green Death (DWM 343).jpg TV: The Green Death DWM 343
Empire of Death caricature (DWM 344).jpg PROSE: Empire of Death DWM 344
The Leisure Hive (DWM 346).jpg TV: The Leisure Hive DWM 346
Ghost Light (DWM 347).jpg TV: Ghost Light DWM 347
The Tomorrow Windows caricature (DWM 348).jpg PROSE: The Tomorrow Windows DWM 348
Cybermen (DWM 349).jpg Cybermen:
TV: The Tenth Planet,
The Invasion
DWM 349
Medicinal Purposes caricature (DWM 351).jpg AUDIO: Medicinal Purposes DWM 351
Doctor Who and the Pescatons (DWM 352).jpg AUDIO: Doctor Who and the Pescatons DWM 352
The Underwater Menace (DWM 353).jpg TV: The Underwater Menace DWM 353
Doctor Who and the Daleks (DWM 354).jpg PROSE: Doctor Who and the Daleks DWM 354
The Mind Robber (DWM 355).jpg TV: The Mind Robber DWM 355
The Claws of Axos (DWM 356).jpg TV: The Claws of Axos DWM 356
The Crusade (DWM 357).jpg TV: The Crusade DWM 357
BBC NSAs (DWM 358).jpg PROSE: The Clockwise Man,
The Monsters Inside,
Winner Takes All
DWM 358
Revelation of the Daleks (DWM 359).jpg TV: Revelation of the Daleks DWM 359
The Ice Warriors (DWM 360).jpg TV: The Ice Warriors DWM 360
The Web Planet (DWM 361).jpg TV: The Web Planet DWM 361
BBC NSA 2 (DWM 362).jpg PROSE: The Deviant Strain,
Only Human,
The Stealers of Dreams
DWM 362
Spiral Scratch (DWM 363).jpg PROSE: Spiral Scratch DWM 363
Series 1 (DWM 364).jpg TV: Series 1 DWM 364
Atom Bomb Blues (DWM 365).jpg PROSE: Atom Bomb Blues DWM 365
An Unearthly Child (DWM 366).jpg The Beginning:
TV: An Unearthly Child
DWM 366
Last of the Time Lords (DWM 428).jpg TV: Last of the Time Lords DWM 428