Ben Willsher made many original illustrations for reviews in Doctor Who Magazine[1] from 2006 to 2016.

He succeded Roger Langridge in this role and was succeded by Jamie Lenman.

No Ben Willsher illustrations appeared in DWM 472-478, 480-481, 483-484, 492, 497, 501, 503-505.


Image Story Issue
DWM 367 Pier Pressure.jpg AUDIO: Pier Pressure DWM 367
DWM 368 Still Getting Away With It.jpg REF: Still Getting Away With It:
The Life and Times of Nicholas Courtney
DWM 368
DWM 368 Genesis of the Daleks.jpg TV: Genesis of the Daleks DWM 369
DWM 370 BBC NSA 3.jpg PROSE: The Stone Rose,
The Feast of the Drowned,
The Resurrection Casket
DWM 370
DWM 371 Inferno.jpg TV: Inferno (#1) DWM 371
DWM 372 Aliens and Enemies.jpg REF: Aliens and Enemies DWM 372
DWM 373 The Hand of Fear.jpg TV: The Hand of Fear DWM 373
DWM 374 The Ark.jpg TV: The Ark (#1) DWM 374
[[File:|250px]] TV: The Mark of the Rani DWM 375
DWM 376 The Sontaran Experiment.jpg TV: The Sontaran Experiment DWM 376
[[File:|250px]] TV: Series 2 DWM 377
[[File:|250px]] AUDIO: Blood of the Daleks: Part 1 DWM 378
[[File:|250px]] New Beginnings:
TV: The Keeper of Traken,
DWM 379
DWM 380 The Gunfighters.jpg TV: The Gunfighters (#1) DWM 380
Dwm companion chronicles.jpg AUDIO: The Companion Chronicles Series 1 DWM 381
[[File:|250px]] TV: Survival DWM 382
DWM 383 Robot.jpg TV: Robot DWM 383
Dwm human resources.jpg AUDIO: Human Resources DWM 384
[[File:|250px]] TV: Timelash DWM 385
[[File:|250px]] TV: Time-Flight,
Arc of Infinity
DWM 386
[[File:|250px]] TV: The Time Warrior DWM 387
[[File:|250px]] TV: The Key to Time DWM 388
[[File:|250px]] TV: Series 3 DWM 389
[[File:|250px]] TV: Destiny of the Daleks DWM 390
[[File:|250px]] PROSE: The Pirate Loop DWM 391
[[File:|250px]] Beneath the Surface:
TV: Doctor Who and the Silurians,
The Sea Devils,
Warriors of the Deep
DWM 392
[[File:|250px]] TV: The Time Meddler DWM 393
[[File:|250px]] TV: The Five Doctors DWM 394
[[File:|250px]] TV: Black Orchid DWM 395
DWM 396 The Invasion of Time.jpg TV: The Invasion of Time DWM 396
[[File:|250px]] K9 Tales:
The Invisible Enemy,
A Girl's Best Friend
DWM 397
[[File:|250px]] TV: The Brain of Morbius DWM 398
DWM 399 The Trial of a Time Lord.jpg TV: The Trial of a Time Lord DWM 399
[[File:|250px]] TV: The War Machines DWM 400
DWM 401 Four to Doomsday.jpg TV: Four to Doomsday DWM 401
DWM 402 The Sarah Jane Adventures.jpg TV: The Sarah Jane Adventures: Series 1 DWM 402
DWM 403 Series 4.jpg TV: Series 4 DWM 403
DWM 404 Battlefield.jpg TV: Battlefield DWM 404
[[File:|250px]] The E-Space Trilogy:
TV: Full Circle,
State of Decay,
Warriors' Gate
DWM 405
[[File:|250px]] TV: The Rescue,
The Romans
DWM 406
[[File:|250px]] TV: Attack of the Cybermen DWM 407
DWM 408 Image of the Fendahl.jpg TV: Image of the Fendahl DWM 408
[[File:|250px]] TV: The Deadly Assassin DWM 409
DWM 410 Delta and the Bannermen.jpg TV: Delta and the Bannermen DWM 410
[[File:|250px]] TV: The War Games DWM 411
[[File:|250px]] The Black Guardian Trilogy:
TV: Mawdryn Undead,
DWM 412
[[File:|250px]] TV: The Twin Dilemma DWM 413
[[File:|250px]] TV: The Keys of Marinus DWM 414
DWM 415 Dalek Wars Frontier in Space Planet of the Daleks.jpg Dalek War:
TV: Frontier in Space,
Planet of the Daleks
DWM 415
[[File:|250px]] TV: The Sarah Jane Adventures: Series 2 DWM 416
[[File:|250px]] Peladon Tales:
TV: The Curse of Peladon,
The Monster of Peladon
DWM 417
[[File:|250px]] TV: The Masque of Mandragora DWM 418
[[File:|250px]] The Complete Specials:
TV: The Next Doctor,
Planet of the Dead,
The Waters of Mars,
The End of Time
DWM 419
[[File:|250px]] TV: The Space Museum,
The Chase
DWM 420
[[File:|250px]] Myths and Legends:
TV: The Time Monster,
The Horns of Nimon
DWM 421
DWM 422 The Creature from the Pit.jpg TV: The Creature from the Pit DWM 422
[[File:|250px]] Kamelion Tales:
TV: The King's Demons,
Planet of Fire
DWM 423
DWM 424 The Dominators.jpg TV: The Dominators DWM 424
[[File:|250px]] TV: Revenge of the Cybermen,
Silver Nemesis
DWM 425
DWM 426 Time and the Rani.jpg TV: Time and the Rani DWM 426
DWM 427 Revisitations 1.jpg Revisitations 1:
TV: The Talons of Weng-Chiang,
The Caves of Androzani,
Doctor Who
DWM 427
DWM 428 The Seeds of Doom.jpg TV: The Seeds of Doom DWM 428
DWM 429 Series 5.jpg TV: Series 5 DWM 429
DWM 430 Meglos.jpg TV: Meglos DWM 430
DWM 431 The Mutants.jpg TV: The Mutants DWM 431
[[File:|250px]] TV: The Ark (#2) DWM 432
DWM 433 Mara Tales Kinda Snakedance.jpg Mara Tales:
TV: Kinda,
DWM 433
DWM 434 Planet of the Spiders.jpg TV: Planet of the Spiders DWM 434
[[File:|250px]] Mannequin Mania:
TV: Spearhead from Space (#1),
Terror of the Autons
DWM 435
DWM 436 Frontios.jpg TV: Frontios DWM 436
[[File:|250px]] Earth Story:
TV: The Gunfighters (#2),
The Awakening
DWM 437
[[File:|250px]] TV: Paradise Towers DWM 438
[[File:|250px]] TV: The Sun Makers DWM 439
DWM 440 Day of the Daleks.jpg TV: Day of the Daleks DWM 440
DWM 441 Colony in Space.jpg TV: Colony in Space DWM 441
[[File:|250px]] TV: Series 6 DWM 442
DWM 443 U.N.I.T Files Invasion of the Dinosaurs The Android Invasion.jpg U.N.I.T Files:
TV: Invasion of the Dinosaurs,
The Android Invasion
DWM 443
[[File:|250px]] TV: The Sensorites DWM 444
[[File:|250px]] TV: The Face of Evil DWM 445
DWM 446 The Dæmons.jpg TV: The Dæmons DWM 446
DWM 447 Nightmare of Eden.jpg TV: Nightmare of Eden DWM 447
DWM 448 Ace Adventures Dragonfire The Happiness Patrol.jpg Ace Adventures:
TV: Dragonfire,
The Happiness Patrol
DWM 448
DWM 449 Death to the Daleks.jpg TV: Death to the Daleks DWM 449
DWM 450 The Krotons.jpg TV: The Krotons DWM 450
[[File:|250px]] TV: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy DWM 451
DWM 452 Planet of Giants.jpg TV: Planet of Giants DWM 452
DWM 453 Vengeance on Varos.jpg TV: Vengeance on Varos DWM 453
DWM 454 The Ambassadors of Death.jpg TV: The Ambassadors of Death DWM 454
DWM 455 The Claws of Axos.jpg TV: The Claws of Axos DWM 455
DWM 456 Shada.jpg The Legacy Collection:
TV: Shada
DWM 456
DWM 457 The Reign of Terror.jpg TV: The Reign of Terror DWM 457
DWM 458 The Ark in Space.jpg TV: The Ark in Space DWM 458
[[File:|250px]] TV: The Aztecs DWM 459
[[File:|250px]] TV: The Visitation DWM 460
[[File:|250px]] TV: Inferno (#2) DWM 461
DWM 462 The Mind of Evil.jpg TV: The Mind of Evil DWM 462
[[File:|250px]] TV: Spearhead from Space (#2) DWM 463
[[File:|250px]] TV: The Green Death DWM 464
[[File:|250px]] TV: The Ice Warriors DWM 465
DWM 466 Terror of the Zygons.jpg TV: Terror of the Zygons DWM 466
[[File:|250px]] TV: Series 7 DWM 467
DWM 468 The Tenth Planet.jpg TV: The Tenth Planet (#1) DWM 468
[[File:|250px]] TV: The Enemy of the World DWM 469
DWM 470 The Moonbase.jpg TV: The Moonbase DWM 470
DWM 471 The Web of Fear.jpg TV: The Web of Fear DWM 471
DWM 479 The Day of the Doctor.jpg TV: The Day of the Doctor DWM 479
[[File:|250px]] TV: Series 8 DWM 482
DWM 491 The Macra Terror.jpg TV: The Macra Terror DWM 491
DWM 493 The Underwater Menace.jpg TV: The Underwater Menace DWM 493
DWM 494 The Feast of Steven.jpg TV: "The Feast of Steven" DWM 494
DWM 495 The Wheel in Space.jpg TV: The Wheel in Space DWM 495
DWM 496 The Myth Makers.jpg TV: The Myth Makers DWM 496
DWM 498 The Evil of the Daleks.jpg TV: The Evil of the Daleks DWM 498
DWM 499 Series 9.jpg TV: Series 9 DWM 499
DWM 500 The Tenth Planet.jpg TV: The Tenth Planet (#2) DWM 500
DWM 502 The Space Pirates.jpg TV: The Space Pirates DWM 502
[[File:|250px]] TV: Fury from the Deep DWM 506
DWM 507 The Power of the Daleks.jpg TV: The Power of the Daleks DWM 507