The 88th issue of Doctor Who Magazine had a cover date of May 1984. It continued the theme of past issues by using the caption "Colin Baker is the Doctor" for the announcement of the Sixth Doctor.

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  • Glimpses of the Future by Richard Marson (A look at Earths future history)
  • Who'd have Believed it? by John Wakefield ( A look at Doctor Who related spoofs)

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DWM Archives (Retelling by episode, with no credits)

Episode Guide Update (with episode endings, credits and dates)

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  • Guest stars in the 21st Season

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Editor: Alan McKenzie
Assistant Editor: Roger P. Birchall
Designer: Jane Hindmarsh
Feature Writers: Gary Russell, Richard Marson and Jeremy Bentham
Production: Tim Hampson and Alison Gill
Production Assistant: Jeanette M. Sweetland
Financial Controller: Robert W. Sutherland
Advertising: Sally Benson
Publisher: Stan Lee
Advisor: John Nathan-Turner

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  • No year was shown on this cover of this issue, which was priced at 60p (UK).
  • The cover shows a publicity shot of Colin Baker, soon to be the Sixth Doctor.
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