The 69th issue of Doctor Who Magazine had a cover date of October 1982.

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  • Doctor Who and the Monsters
  • Season Survey Results

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  • None

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DWM Archives (Retelling by episode, with no credits)

EPISODE GUIDE (Listing details including dates, episode endings, credits and dates):

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  • Behind the Scenes: Eric Saward (Writer/Script Editor)

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  • None

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  • None

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Editor: Alan McKenzie
Contributing Editor: Jeremy Bentham
Design: Roger Birchall
Editorial Assistance: Gilly Joseph
Production: Tim Hampson and Alison Gill
Distribution: Comag
Financial Controller: Robert W. Sutherland
Advertising: S.H. Space Sales
Publisher: Stan Lee
Advisor: John Nathan-Turner

Additional details Edit

  • The year is not displayed on the front cover.
  • The photograph accompanying the feature 'Doctor Who and the Monsters' on page 34 features Davros without his head.
  • This issue has two pages given over to letters, one whole page being given over to a single letter by Chris Drake of Grisby.
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