The 58th issue of Doctor Who Magazine had a cover date of November 1981.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Articles[edit | edit source]

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Fiction[edit | edit source]

  • None

Archives[edit | edit source]

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Previews[edit | edit source]

  • None

Reviews[edit | edit source]

  • None

A4 pin-ups[edit | edit source]

  • None

Additional features[edit | edit source]

  • Gallifrey Guardian
  • Doctor Who Letters (Letters Page)
  • Matrix Data Bank (2 pages of Questions and Answers)

Credits[edit | edit source]

Editor: Alan McKenzie
Design: Jimmy Ross
Art Assistance: Chas Farnsbarn
Consultant: Jeremy Bentham
Production: Tim Hampson and Nigel Bulloch
Publisher: Stan Lee

Additional details[edit | edit source]

  • Special themed issue to tie in with The Five Faces of Doctor Who repeat series on television.
  • The year is not displayed on the front cover.
  • There seems some confusion over the definition of the magazine's term 'archive' for this issue. The Krotons is singled out as an Archive feature on the cover and inside, but is treated in no more depth than the four stories featured under the heading "The Five Faces of Doctor Who". All five are archive features, but do not include any story retelling by episodes or feature credit boxes.
  • The back-up strip, Skywatch-7, is the first of a two-part story featuring the Zygons which is concluded in DWMS Winter 1981. The only reference to this is a mention on the inside contents page.
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