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Doctor Who Magazine 556 was the issue of the magazine cover-dated November 2020.



  • Out of the TARDIS
Tracy-Ann Oberman interviewed by Scott Handcock
  • Legend in the Making
James Goss interviewed by Emily Cook about creating Time Lord Victorious
  • Love and Monsters
Russell T Davies interviewed by Paul Kirkley about the Virgin New Adventures novels
  • Secrets of the Orient
Waris Hussein interviewed by Toby Hadoke about the creation of Marco Polo (unpublished from 2013)


An overview of the various strands of Time Lord Victorious and how they tie together.
Brief summaries of key characters' stories in Time Lord Victorious across all media.
A look at the BBC's attempts to repeat several classic Doctor Who episodes on BBC Two across summer 1978.
The team behind the Virgin New Adventures novels discuss how they came about and what made them unique.
  • Written in the Stars (by Paul Kirkley)
Over a dozen authors of the New Adventures reveal how they got into the job.

The Fact of Fiction[]





Coming Soon...[]

The Blogs of Doom[]

  • Harold Chorley


Monstrous Beauty - the opening episode of a new comic story of the same name that tied into Time Lord Victorious.


Panini UK Ltd
BBC Studios, UK Publishing

Additional details[]

  • This was the first issue since DWM 552 to feature a comic strip since the three-issue break as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was published in a standalone, double-length supplement.
  • A double sided poster and paper diorama of the The Doctor's TARDIS console was included with this issue.
  • A download code for the Big Finish audio drama Farewell, Great Macedon was included with this issue.