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The 55th issue of Doctor Who Magazine had a cover date of August 1981. It was also the first cover to display Peter Davison as the incoming Fifth Doctor.



  • Introducing... the Fifth Doctor
  • Behind the Scenes Report: Costume Design

Comic content[]


  • None


Interviews / Profiles[]


  • None


  • None

A4 pin-ups[]

  • None

Also featuring[]

  • Gallifrey Guardian
  • Doctor Who Letters (Letters Page)
  • Matrix Data Bank (2 pages of Questions and Answers)
  • Season Survey Results


Editor: Alan McKenzie
Design: Jimmy Ross
Art Assistance: D. Hands
Consultant: Jeremy Bentham
Production: Tim Hampson and Nigel Bulloch
Publisher: Stan Lee

Additional details[]

  • The year is not displayed on the front cover.
  • The main cover image of the Fifth Doctor was a promotional shot for the new Doctor.
  • The Photo-File is credited to Jeremy Bentham with thanks to Linda Williams for research help.
  • The Dalek Tapes continue as a back-up comic strip. This time the first page is printed nearly unedited, while the opening and closing blocks of the other three pages are still in black and white.
  • The two pages of the Season Survey are printed in the smallest possible type font - the same as the credits; fortunately, the background was white!
  • The cover says that 'Death to the Daleks' is the Archive story. Inside however it is in fact 'The Ark'. DWM 56 actually has 'Death to the Daleks' as the archive story but says 'The Ark' is on the cover.