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Doctor Who Magazine 544 was the 40th anniversary issue of the long-running magazine, cover-dated December 2019. It was released exactly 40 years after the cover date of DWM's very first issue. In celebration of this landmark in DWM history, DWM 544 was released alongside the 32-page Doctor Who Magazine: The Index.

Much of the content in this issue was dedicated to the life and works of writer and script editor Terrance Dicks, who had recently died on 29 August 2019.

Also contained within this special issue was a DVD containing 80 minutes of bonus material from across The Collection, and the 20-minute Messages from Space.




Comic strip[]

Story: Scott Gray
Art: John Ross
Colours: James Offredi
Letters: Roger Langridge
Editors: Peter Ware & Marcus Hearn

Regular features[]

The Fact of Fiction[]



Coming soon[]

Galaxy Forum[]

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Production notes[]

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The Blogs of Doom[]

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Special features[]

  • 40th Anniversary DVD
    • Sophie Aldred: In Conversation
    • Showman: The Life of John Nathan-Turner
    • The Writers' Room: Season 26
    • Tom Baker: In Conversation
    • Behind the Sofa: Genesis of the Daleks
    • The Collection trailers
    • Messages from Space (exclusive)
  • "That's How It All Began"
    An exploration of Terrance Dicks' original synopsis for The Eight Doctors
  • Talking Books
  • Happy Times and Places


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