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Doctor Who Magazine 537 was the issue of the magazine cover-dated May 2019.


Profiles / Interviews[]

A reprinted fanzine interview from June 1989

Comic strip[]

Story: Scott Gray
Pencils: Mike Collins
Inks: David A Roach
Colours: James Offredi
Letters: Roger Langridge
Editors: Peter Ware & Marcus Hearn

Regular features[]



Coming soon[]

Galaxy Forum[]

The Time Team[]

Beth Axford, Dan James Frank, Gerard Groves, Jacob Dudman, Kezia Newson, Luke Cutforth, and Zainab Sheriff watch Doctor Who and The Night of the Doctor


The Blogs of Doom[]

Special features[]

  • Into the Unknown
Detailing the recreation of Mission to the Unknown that was recorded at the University of Central Lancashire in February
A tribute to the life of the writer of The Happiness Patrol
  • Theatre of War
How The Ultimate Adventure was nearly a very different story, thirty years on
  • Doctor Theatre
An inside look at The Ultimate Adventure
  • A Man for All Seasons
Looking back at Pat Gorman's contribution to Doctor Who
  • For the Record
A look at the Record Store Day 2019 releases of Galaxy 4 and Destiny of the Daleks
  • The Imagineer
Remembering Richard Gregory and his work on 1980s monsters


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