Doctor Who Magazine 527 was the issue of the magazine cover-dated August 2018.

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DWM interviews a man working to preserve Glasgow's police boxes

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Story: Scott Gray
Art: John Ross
Colours: James Offredi
Letters: Roger Langridge
Editors: Peter Ware & Marcus Hearn

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Antoinette Belle, Beth Axford, Gerard Groves, Jacob Dudman, and Kezia Newson watch The War Games Episode Ten, The Deadly Assassin Part One, and Hell Bent

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  • Doing It for the Kids
DWM previews the Big Finish audio revival of Class
  • London, 1965!
Feature on most of Doctor Who's 1963-89 run being livestreamed on Twitch
  • New Faces Part Three: Last of the Time Lords
The third and last in a series of how the press' introductions of new actors to play the Doctor changed over the years
  • The Man Who Saved Doctor Who
Tribute to Graham Strong, the recorder of a series of now-missing episode soundtracks, who died on 16 May

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Panini UK Ltd
BBC Studios, UK Publishing
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