The 52nd issue of Doctor Who Magazine had a cover date of May 1981.

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  • None

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  • None

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  • Season Review and Season Survey

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  • Gallifrey Guardian
  • Doctor Who Letters (Letters Page)
  • Matrix Data Bank (Questions and Answers)

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Editor: Alan McKenzie
Layout: Rahid Khan and Jimmy Ross
Consultant: Jeremy Bentham
Publisher: Stan Lee

Additional details Edit

  • Additional Input: Gallifrey Guardian (From DWM 54): The Photo-File on Anthony Ainley contains three errors.
  • His hair is 'dark' not 'blond'.
  • The part of Tremas was played 'in make-up' not 'unmade-up'
  • The part of the Master is played with 'little make-up' not 'with dyed hair and a beard'.
  • Special Jon Pertwee-themed issue.
  • The year is not included on the front cover.
  • The cover image shows a Third Doctor publicity shot (introducing the Master) from TV: Terror of the Autons and an inset from TV: The Time Warrior.
  • There is no back-up strip this issue (the pages being given over to the Monster Gallery), but readers are assured they haven't been abandoned.
  • The retelling of older stories now comes under the heading 'The Doctor Who Archives' but doesn't yet include extra details.
  • Steve Moore leaves as writer of the regular Doctor Who comic strip.
  • Price rises from 30p to 35p.
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