The 50th issue of Doctor Who Magazine had a cover date of March 1981. It was a special edition to commemorate its fifty issues and featured a new cover design.



Comic content[]


  • None


Interviews / Profiles[]



  • None

A4 pin-ups / Poster[]

Also featuring[]

  • Gallifrey Guardian
  • Doctor Who Letters (Letters Page)
  • Fantastic Facts
  • Colouring Competition (For 1 of 30 sets of K9 Books by Sparrow Publishing)
  • Tie-breaker Competition (For 1 of 20 Doctor Who Boardgames from Games Workshop)


Editor: Alan McKenzie
Layout: Steve O'Leary and Rahid Khan
Consultant: Jeremy Bentham
Publisher: Stan Lee

Additional details[]

  • Additional Input: Letters Page (from DWM 53): For the second time TV: The War Games is incorrectly called the longest Doctor Who story.
  • The cover images are from TV: The Three Doctors and the Fourth Doctor from TV: Robot.
  • This "Special 50th Issue" of DWM includes a free A2 full colour pull-out showing all four Doctors with a listing of their adventures (indicating the number of individual episodes). Although this is a stapled insert and so could be regarded as a part of the magazine and its occasional use of centre colour pages, the reverse side is blank and for this reason is not being counted as a 'normal' but a special addition.
  • The first part of a detailed Episode Guide to all the Doctor's adventures begins in this issue.
  • The Archives feature returns to breaking the story down into episodes.
  • The letters page is renamed "Doctor Who Letters".
  • The year is not included on the front cover, which had a cover price of 30p (UK).