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Doctor Who Magazine 496 was the issue of the magazine cover-dated March 2016.

It was the first issue of DWM to predominantly feature John Hurt as the War Doctor on the cover. It also used the traditional headline "John Hurt is the War Doctor", although the use here was a special case, as it normally was used to indicate the recasting of the Doctor, and John Hurt's Doctor was introduced retroactively, as well as the fact the headline was modified to denote him specifically as the "War" Doctor; instead, it was used to celebrate his return to the role in a line of Big Finish Productions audios called The War Doctor, making a technical debut outside the linear progression of the Doctor Who television series.


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Regular features[]

The Fact of Fiction[]

The DWM Review[]

DWM looks back on some of Doctor Who's missing episodes


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Production notes[]

  • Ask Steven Moffat
Head writer and executive producer Steven Moffat answers questions from DWM readers

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A History of Doctor Who in 100 Objects...[]

  • Susan's marriage certificate

Special features[]

  • From Time Lord to Warlord
Feature covering the new War Doctor audio series from Big Finish Productions
  • The Troubleshooter
Tribute to writer and script editor Anthony Read, who died on 21 November 2015
  • The Long Game
DWM looks at the past 33 years of Doctor Who video games


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The comic story Theatre of the Mind has no formal credits. However, the people who worked on the story are seen credited on a playbill for a play within the narrative as a part of the scenery, right beneath the story's title. On the playbill, Roger Langridge is given the themed billing of "Master of Ceremonies", James Offredi is "Lighting" and Scott Gray and John Ainsworth are "Producers".