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Doctor Who Magazine 491 was the issue of the magazine cover-dated November 2015.


Profiles / Interviews[]

Comic strip[]

Story: Jonathan Morris
Art: John Ross
Colours: James Offredi
Letters: Roger Langridge
Editors: Scott Gray & John Ainsworth

Regular features[]

The Fact of Fiction[]

The DWM Review[]

DWM reviews a classic television story recently repeated on UK television
DWM takes a look at missing episodes of Doctor Who that may never get a DVD release


Coming soon[]

Galaxy Forum[]

  • DWM readers discuss features printed in recent issues of the magazine

Production notes[]

The head writer and executive producer answers questions from DWM readers

A History of Doctor Who in 100 Objects[]

Supporting artists of the month[]

Special features[]

  • Episode previews
DWM previews the episodes The Magician's Apprentice, The Witch's Familiar, Under the Lake and Before the Flood
  • 100 Impossible Facts!
DWM explores "everything we know" about companion Clara Oswald
  • A New Dimension!
DWM previews the video game Lego Dimensions
  • A Flavour of the Past
DWM speaks to the cast members replacing the parts of the Second and Third Doctors and companion Ben Jackson in audio


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