Doctor Who Magazine 484 was the issue of the magazine cover-dated April 2015.

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Story: Mark Wright
Pencils: Mike Collins
Inks: David A Roach
Colours: James Offredi
Letters: Roger Langridge
Editors: Scott Gray & John Ainsworth

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What if Cyberbrig hung around with Kate Stewart after the end of Death in Heaven? This short story, a glimpse into a spinoff that will never be, answers this question and more, such as: "is the Brigadier's moustache real?".
The Watcher tries to figure out the answer to Steven Moffat's prior question: "When did the Doctor Who production team stop hedging their bets and make [the Doctor] an alien?"
  • Dark Matter
Actors Paul McGann, Nicola Walker and Alex Macqueen discuss what to expect in the audio anthology Dark Eyes 4
  • The Historic Journey of Marco Polo Part Two
Director Waris Hussein shows DWM documents showing how he made the lost television story Marco Polo

A History of Doctor Who in 100 Objects...[edit | edit source]

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Panini UK Ltd
BBC Worldwide, UK Publishing

Note[edit | edit source]

Although the magazine's comic story Space Invaders! is a single part story, the table of contents incorrectly calls it "Part 1".

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