The 448th issue of Doctor Who Magazine was current from 31 May through 27 June 2012. It was the only issue of the magazine to feature William Russell on the cover, and it began the comic story, The Cornucopia Caper.

It also contained the code for a limited-time free download of the Big Finish audio adventure The Revenants.

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Articles[edit | edit source]

  • The DWM Awards 2011
  • Sounds of the Sixties - An introductory article to Counter-Measures

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Story: Scott Gray
Art: Dan McDaid
Colours: James Offredi
Letters: Roger Langridge
Editors: Tom Spilsbury & Peter Ware

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Galaxy Forum[edit | edit source]

  • The "star letter" of the month came from Cory Eadson, who defended the Sixth Doctor's costume. Other topics of discussion: DWM 447's cover, comic strip, interviews, and reviews; a Doctor Who-themed episode of Get Your House in Order; and an advertisement with certain posters visible in the background.

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