The 420th issue of Doctor Who Magazine was current from 1 April through 28 April 2010.

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- Story: Dan McDaid
- Pencil Art: Martin Geraghty
- Inks: David A. Roach
- Colours: James Offredi
- Letters: Roger Langridge
- Editors: Tom Spilsbury and Scott Gray

This ended the final DWM Tenth Doctor comic strip (original comic adventures continued under the IDW Publishing banner in the US until late 2010).

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  • None

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  • Letter from the Editor
  • Production Notes
  • Coming Soon
  • Galaxy Forum
  • You Are Not Alone
  • The Wheel of Fortune

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  • A HD-Ready TV
  • Shooty Dog Thing
  • City of Spires CD
  • The Three Doctors CD
  • Torchwood CD box set
  • Paradise 5 CD

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