The 411th issue of Doctor Who Magazine was current from 23 July through 19 August 2009.

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Tom's Back! - The Fourth Doctor explains why he's returning to action - in a brand new exclusive interview.

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  • Your Free Download - Dave Owen lets you know how you can download your own Doctor Who audio.
  • ...But is it Art - Is Doctor Who good television?
  • The Watchers Guide to the Fifth Doctor

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- Story: Dan McDaid
- Pencil Art: Sean Longcroft
- Inks: James Offredi
- Letters: Roger Langridge
- Editors: Tom Spilsbury and Scott Gray

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  • Letter from the Editor
  • Production Notes - Showrunner Russell T Davies writes exclusively for DWM - as Doctor Who gets ready to celebrate its 200 episode anniversary.
- Illustration by Ben Morris
  • Gallifrey Guardian
  • Who On Earth Is... -

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  • Head of Production -
  • Managing Editor -
  • Managing Director -
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