The 354th issue, released on 3 March 2005, and was pulled from British newstands on 30 March 2005, was the first issue of Doctor Who Magazine since issue #238 to be released in the same month as a new episode of Doctor Who. Although the magazine had taken on a new look using the RTD logo a couple of issues before, this was the issue on British newsstands when Rose debuted. Nevertheless, because it was replaced by the next issue a mere handful of days after Rose, its articles still considered the new series a future event. Indeed the issue contained one last contest for readers to be able to see Rose prior to the BBC One premiere. It was also the first issue to show a BBC Wales alien on its cover.

It is notable for being the third issue of the magazine to not have a non-gag comic story. It succeeded DWM 163 and 261 and would be followed by DWM 553 through 555. It thus forced a break between the Eighth Doctor and Ninth Doctor's tenures in the DWM comic strip — the only time there has been a gap between Doctors, discounting COMIC: Doctor Who and the Fangs of Time, in the history of the strip. Instead, editor Clayton Hickman used the space to present a retrospective on the Eighth Doctor, which was liberally illustrated by comic artist Martin Geraghty.

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  • Come In Number Eight - a look at the Eighth Doctor's various appearances in expanded media.

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