Doctor Who Magazine 350 was released on 11 November 2004, and was pulled from British newstands on 8 December 2004. It featured what was long regarded as the final non-photographic cover in the magazine's history – until the form was revived many years later on DWM 442. This was also the first time the Russell T Davies era model of The Doctor's TARDIS was seen on the cover.

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  • The life & times of Jackie Jenkins
  • Big Fish - Part Three: 1995 - 2004 - Concluding this special feature celebrating 25 years of Doctor Who Magazine, Marcus Hearn takes us through the 1990s and into a new millennium - and a new start for DWM.
  • Fluid Links - We the Asthmatics! - by Matt Jones
  • UNIT Hotline
  • It's the end, but... by the Watcher.

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  • Gallifrey Guardian
  • Space-Time Telegraph
  • Production Notes #10: Man and boy - Russell T Davies

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