The 347th issue of Doctor Who Magazine was released on 19 August 2004, and was pulled from British newstands on 15 September 2004.

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  • Mad Magazine - Part Two: 1985 - 1995: Continuing this special feature celebrating 25 years of Doctor Who Magazine, Marcus Hearn takes us through the 80s and into the 90s - as DWM learned to survive without the TV series to support it.

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  • Waving, not drowning - There should have been another way! In the second part of his revealing interview, former script editor Eric Saward reveals the worst episode ever (apparently it's one of his!) and tells us why some writers are better than others. Just don't mention shape-changing robots... (Interview by Russell Cook, Additional material by Benjamin Cook)
  • Are you tired of playing Dr.Who? - Despite playing the role for three years, William Hartnell agreed to very few interviews. Now, thanks to a letter he sent to a Lynn Young in 1965, we can learn a little more about a man who was Doctor Who - in his own words...

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