Issue 344 of Doctor Who Magazine was current 24 June through 21 July 2004. It featured Billie Piper's cover debut as production for the revived Doctor Who was in progress. She would go on to play Rose Tyler in 2005.

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  • What the papers said: A round up of Doctor Who's appearances in the UK press - Compiled by Huw Turbervill
  • The TARDIS Outisde In - As the TARDIS began the 1980s, the old girl was starting to show her age - "wheezing like a grampus". In part three of his user's manual, Gareth Roberts heads for Logopolis to fix that faulty chameleon circuit. And, for goodness' sake, remember to answer the Cloister Bell!

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  • Making History - An apathetic production team. Prehistoric studio facilities. The inconvieniance of the US President having his head blown off. Talk about a series of unfortunate events! As the new series gets ever closer, Doctor Who's first-ever director takes us back to the show's original night: "I though the world had come to an end," Waris Hussein tells Benjamin Cook.
  • A Masterful Life - A tribute to Anthony Ainley by Mark Wyman

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Reviews[edit | edit source]

  • None

Regular features[edit | edit source]

  • Gallifrey Guardian
  • Production Notes #5: 'Feel (Mighty Real)' - Russell T Davies

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