Issue 341 of Doctor Who Magazine was current 4 March through 31 March 2004. It was the first issue to feature the "production notes" column — a regular feature throughout the BBC Wales-era that was usually written by Doctor Who's head writer.

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  • Revenge of the Accidental Tourist - In an epilogue to his popular series of articles on the random nature of Doctor Who's creation and development, and in the light of the new series currently in pre-production, Daniel O'Mahony turns his attention to the fragmented nature of our favourite series, during the 1990s, and the thorny problems of "canon"...

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  • None

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  • Doctor Who On Stage - Act Two: The 1980s and Beyond - Andrew Pixley concludes his look at theatrical Doctor Who.

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  • Here comes the Sun - In the concluding part of her revealing interview with Benjamin Cook, Lalla Ward tells us about life with Tom Baker, her brush with the seedier side of film-making, and losing her best friend, Douglas Adams.

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  • This edition was dedicated to Jon Pertwee.
  • The subsection for the article on Lalla Ward was titled "The Doctor's Wife".
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