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Issue 336 of Doctor Who Magazine was current 16 October through 12 November 2003. Released during the month of the show's fortieth anniversary, it also held another form of celebratory news. This was the first issue to announce the return of Doctor Who as the BBC Wales series after Russell T Davies's pitch to revive it in a new format had been approved and a new actor had been drafted to play the Doctor.



  • No One Can Hear You SCREAM - He sat in a cupboard and drank BBC coffee while BBCi's new internet animation Scream of the Shalka was recorded. Benjamin Cook asked Richard E Grant and some other nice people whether life's a scream. You don't have to be mad to answer him, but it helps...
  • The Accidental Tourist - Part Two: Curse of the Cat People - During the 1970s Doctor Who was enjoying a period of unprecedented stability in the second part of his look at the different roads taken or avoided, Daniel O'Mahony examines the show's flirtation with mythology and discovers the impact one unmade story might have had on Doctor Who's development...
  • The Soundtrack to a Generation - There are moments when I can't believe I'm being paid for this. I'm in the process of being shown round BBC Audiobooks' studios in Bath by studio manager Kate Thomas. I'm also slavering at the mouth at the design, efficiency and well-equipped nature of the studios "I think one of our actors is breaking for lunch." says Kate, as a tall man with curly hair emerges from a booth. "Steven, this is David (Darlington) from Doctor Who Magazine..." - and thus do I find myself shaking hands with Steven Pacey. I've had worse days... I'm here to speak to Michael Stevens, the man who co-ordinates BBC Audiobooks' series of Doctor Who releases.

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  • After Eight? - He came back to life before your eyes. But now he's regenerated - and no one thought to tell him! Benjamin Cook caught up with Paul McGann to mourn the passing of the Eighth Doctor (yeah, right!) and pass judgement on his usurper...



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  • On page 5 within the 'Gallifrey Guardian' section is the first news of Doctor Who's return, with a few words from Russell T Davies.