The 329th issue of Doctor Who Magazine was current 29 May through 25 June 2003.

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  • The Fan Gene - Part Three: All You Need Is Love - Gary Gillatt concludes his three-part journey into the murky world of Doctor Who appreciation with the aid of some regression therapy, a chat with two of the Doctor's assistants, a worrying infatuation with Heather Couper and a happy memory of a helicopter on Karn. But will even this be enough to uncover the root cause of our collective fanishness once and for all...?
  • Inset article:Hopelessly devoted to you! - Sophie Aldred has met an awful lot of Doctor Who fans in her time. Here she speaks frankly of her experiences at conventions on both sides of the Atlantic

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  • Whose Doctor Who: The Interviews - In 1977, Tom Baker and Philip Hinchcliffe were interviewed for BBC Two's Whose Doctor Who documentary. Now, for the very first time, Andrew Pixley unearths the full transcripts of these interviews and shows us what we didn't see - a priceless glimpse into the thoughts of an actor and producer at the height of their powers, at a time when Doctor Who seemed unstoppable...

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