The 329th issue of Doctor Who Magazine was current from 3 April through 30 April 2003.

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  • Guess Who? - Inaccessibly ironic or boyishly Byronic? Secretive schemer or dashing daydreamer? As Doctors Seven and Eight play for time and cheat death, Gareth Roberts raises the stakes to reveal the name of the game in the final part of his investigation into the true character of the Doctor. "We play the contest again, Time Lord..."
  • Inset article: Merlin?
  • Inset article: Ace and "the Professor"
  • Inset article: Timing malfunction
  • Inset article: Guess Who? So who exactly IS the Doctor?
  • The Web Planet - Doctor Who on the internet

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  • Silver Jubilee - 25 years on from his first Doctor Who appearance in The Robots of Death, Sapphire and Steel star David Collings is back in the fold for the latest Kaldor City audio drama. The three time Doctor Who guest artist took time out from recording to talk to Alan Stevens about cities of gold, robot wars and playing undead...
  • Dressed to Kill - Fearsome pirate? Freedom fighter? Or fashion disaster? "It seemed like a good idea at the time," Terminus star Liza Goddard tells Benjamin Cook.

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