The 327th issue of Doctor Who Magazine was current 6 February through 5 March 2003.

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  • The Mary Whitehouse Experience - The National Viewers' and Listeners' Association - bunch of killjoys? Right? Well, not according to Jonathan Morris. Here, he takes a look back at Doctor Who's run-ins with the 'moral majority' - and advises us to listen without prejudice to what they had to say...

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  • Moments of Pleasure - It was 20 years ago today (or near enough) that the author of two of Doctor Who's most talked-about serials disappeared into the wilderness to live among the Not-We. Now, at last DWM has caught up with Christopher Bailey and all those burning questions can finally be answered! "yes, I am the bastard child of Tom Stoppard and Kate Bush!" he tells Benjamin Cook...

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  • Gallifrey Guardian
  • Space-Time Telegraph

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